Photo Gallery 2013

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Va & Mo
Picture taken and edited by Patty Wurts in 2012
Boathouse in winter
Winter scene taken by Gwen Rafuse

Paul has agreed to be captain and  to provide his motor yacht Seafarer to act as committee boat for The Chester Classics Series and Race Week again this year.
Picture by Cindy Bradette (2012)

GRM Crew
Gold River Marina Team.
Left to right - Darrin Swinimer, Kendle ?,  and Randy ?.
Picture by John Wurts

Teri Springer was the happy winner at the Chester Playhouse auction.
Courtesy of Chester Play House.
Ripple Crew

Ripple Crew from left to right - Front row  Steven Bond, Jimmy Rafuse, Chris Forbes , (? guy in red). Back Row -  (? Corcum)  blue shirt Danny Bond (? white shirt) (? blue shirt)
Courtesy Jonna Datz
Al at the helm
What a salty guy that Al Caaddock is! I don't see any sight of rain though! You can find a great painting of his in the gallery 2012 tab in archives.  I called it Launching the Raven.
Classic IOD
Close at start
Danny with Cup
Danny Bond with an empty Cup.
Mike Kelly, Jonna Datz, and Jimmy Rafuse.
David accepts cup
Hey David - Don't be so happy! We'll get ya next year!
Doug and Willa
Doug and Willa Creighton. Are they CCF's oldest members?
Ripple & Eclipse
Looks like he's got a safe lee on ya - Danny!
Ripple and Eclipse
From the Porch at Ricks
CCF awards ceremony on Rick Thompson's porch
Hayseeds Crew
Hayseed's crew relax after the race.
I think I may see some barley sandwiches there.
Joe Hill

Hey Joe! What's so important? Maybe you should have stayed out of the race for CYC Commodore, but we're delighted you took the job!
IOD Spin
Spinnaker sure does help! That's Mighty Mo in the lead.
Mary & David
Mary and David Creighton
Mary & Cindy
Which one ate the canary?
Mary Creighton or Cindy Bradette!

Mrs Bond and Mrs RafuseMrs. Bond and Mrs. Rafuse
Jees! Is the outhaul too tight?  Rebecca Swinimer, all grown up now, has been with Virginia since she was seven.
Rebecca Blue
Rebecca Blue on a sail by! That's Nicola in the bow. Who are the others?
Randy and Mary
Hey Randy - You did a great job, but aren't you glad you're done?
Rubber raft
These guys were so intent on winning that they left their cooler behind. Wonder whether they emptied it first. If not, its going to be a long hot run!
Rick and cup
Rick Thompson explains his prize.
Ripple Crew
Ripple's crew.
Seneca's relief skipper
Andy Dayton - Seneca's relief skipper takes a sip.
Un named member of ripples crew
They gave up on green Eyes
They gave up on Green Eyes. Watch out ladies - that IOD'll beat you up.

Va Foredeck
Get a load of those gamms!
Stewart and John
Stewart is the strategist on Virginia; John works the foredeck on Hayseed.
Jumble at the start
A cluster at the start.

Committee boat
That's Seafarer being CCF committee boat. Great job Paul!

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