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Today I wrote CYC the letter below:

Chester Classics
c/o John W. Wurts Jr. Secratery/Treasurer
100 Scenic Drive,
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
865 483 9091

November 1, 2015

John Curry, Commodore Chester Yacht Club
Jay Nadelson, Rear Commodore Chester Yacht Club
Kim Johnson, Manager Chester Yacht Club

cc: Christopher Wurts
      Rick Thompson
      David Creighton
      Christopher Ondaatje
      Jay Hooper
      Leigh Robertson

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

As Secretary/Treasurer of the Chester Classics, I conducted a survey of the 2015 participants and other interested parties asking them for their opinion with respect to the proposed change of the dates of the CC Series from the three days, starting on Friday and Ending on Sunday of the weekend preceding Race Week to the weekend following Race Week. Although the count for or against was close, it slightly favored leaving the dates as they are – i.e. the weekend preceding Race Week.

On the negative side, the weekend preceding Race Week conflicts with the “Round the Islands” race. The probability of winds and seas too high for CC boats to participate is quite high. In addition, only two respondents expressed an interest in participating in this race, so I eliminated that as an issue.

On the positive side there are three compelling reasons for selecting the weekend preceding Race Week:
There would be a much shorter period of time the crews of the boats would have to set aside for racing if they intended to race in both series.

Our Race Officer, Jay Hooper, has expressed his preference to be the weekend preceding Race Week.

It would be inconvenient for Gold River Marina to provide and man a committee and chase boat on the weekend following Race Week because it conflicts with their “Customer Appreciation Party.”

Based on the above with the CC executive concurring, I am recommending that the time for the CC series be left as is – on the weekend preceding Race Week.

It has also been suggested that management of the CC series be taken over by the Chester Yacht Club.
Because of multiple considerations associated with such a plan, and with the concurrence  of the  CC Executive, I am informing the Chester Yacht Club that CC intends to delay such a recommendation for the immediate future and intends to retain management of the CC series for 2016.  It is hoped that the Chester Yacht Club will continue to supply the same services as it did in 2015: meeting place for the Skipper’s Meeting, Credit Card services for the collection of the application fee, Scoring for the racing, etc.

 Very truly yours

John W. Wurts Jr.


Chester Classic Fleet for 2016

In 2015 Virginia, Seneca, Star, Rondo, Mighty Mo, Squall, Ladiva Raced in the Chester Classic series held on Fri-Sun Aug 7-9
Hayseed, Ripple, Eclipse, and SanRay did not race in 2015. Hopefully they will return in 2016.
The Chester Classics committee is eager to add more boats to the Fleet. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

It has been suggested that the dates of the Chester Classic Series be reviewed and possibly changed.
Scenario 1:  The schedule remains like 2015 The Schedule would look like this:       
Classic Series: Aug 4th CCR1  Aug 5   CCR2 Aug 6   CCR3 
Race Week:     Aug 10 RWR1 Aug 11 RWR2 Aug 12 RWR3  Aug 13 RWR4
In this schedule CC racing and the Inner and Outer racing conflict
The Bluenose International Championships will also be scheduled on Aug 5th and 6th

Scenario 2. It has been Suggested that the dates for the CC series be changed to the week following Race Week. If so the schedule would look like this:                       
Race Week: Aug 10 RWR1  Aug 11 RWR2  Aug 12 RWR3  Aug 13 RWR4
Classic Series:  |  Aug 19 CCR1  Aug 20  CCR2  Aug 21 CCR3
This schedule eliminates conflicts but adds several days to the time it takes to conduct both series.

Question 1 Will you return in 2016 under scenario 1 only?

Question 2 Will you return in 2016 under scenario 2 only?

Question 3. Will you return in 2016 under either scenario?

If so do you prefer:
Scenario 1
Scenario 2

Will you participate in the Classic Start during Race Week

The Martins Point fun race was well attended by CC boats. Clear weather, NW winds shifting to SW then back to NW and dying. First Rondo, Second Aileen,Third Skierkert.
Classics party set for 5:00PM Friday Aug. 14 at Curts Winsor's house -  Ondaatje Cup will be awarded there! Skippers crew and family are welcome.
Third Race of Chester Classics Series won by Squal That makes her the over all Winner Congradulations Peter!
Second Race of Chester Classics Series won by Squall
First Race of Chester Classics Series won by Seneca
Chester Classics party hosted by Curt Winsoer will be held at his house on Friday Aug 14  ---- Thanks Curt !!!!
Sign up for the Classic Series from 9Am to 11AM Friday August 7 at CYC Skipper's meeting to follow.
David Creighton, John Hokenson, Sidney Spahr, Nicola Sweet, and Jonna Datz have all committed to provide munchies for the Friday night hors d'oeuvres sponsored by the Classic Fleet ---- How about you?  by the way don't forget to come!
NOR is officail and posted on this Web Page
Its rumoured that Eclipse, Hayseed, and Ripple will not be able to race in the Classic Series or Race Week in 2015 ----- How sad!
CYC opens on May 29 -- Extemds deadline for payment of dues until June 5.
The CC series is on the CYC calendar for Friday Aug. 7, Saturday Aug. 8, and Sunday Aug. 9
Don't forget to pay your CYC dues by May 31. There is a $50 late fee after that. Also your mooring fee is due by May 31.
CYC Executive Officers for 2014 - 2015 as elected at the Annual General Meeting on September 16,2013 are:
Commodore  Joe Hill; Vice Commodore  Gillian Reid; Rear Commodore  Keith Johnson; Secretary Treasurer   Christie Chaplin-Saunders

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