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Please send my your favorite pictures. I need them desperately! I will happily give you credit for your work.

2016 Edition of the Sir Cristopher Ondaatje Cup series
Ann Drinks

Our Hostes Ann Merck takes a drink.                                       Cutesy of Ann Merck
 JWW Speach
John's comments before awarding the cup
                                   Courtesy of Ann Merck
Jimmy Winns
Jimmy Rafuse Wins Ondaatje Cup                                                  Cutesy of Ann Merck
The Cup
  The Ondaatje Cup soon to be filled with rum.                              Cutesy of Ann Merck
David takes a sip
The Ondaatje Cup soon to be filled with rum!                                 Courtesy of Ann Merck
Ripple takes first                                                     Courtesy of Robb Goss
HayseedHayseed takes second.                                       courtesy of Jim Barkhouse
Seneca takes third                                                   Courtesy David Creighton
Our R.O. Thanks Jay!                                                 courtesy of Ann Merck

I wish I had a picture of the crowd that made the Classic Series possible

Many thanks
The Committee Boat, Wind Free

Charles Wesropp, Skipper
Jane Westropp, Crew

 Gold River Marina

Leigh Robertson
Darrin Swinimer, with Amanda and Rebecca
Linda Collicutt
Carl Hyson
Alex Kelsie

and to
Linda and David Grant

2016 Edition of Chester Race Week
First Seneca
Seneca takes first                                                     coutesy of Ann Merck
Virginia takes second                                           courtesy J. J. La Fleche
Star Takes 3 - Is that you John? picture from 2014 courtesy Jonna Datz
RW inside and out
Bluenoses inside all outhers outside.                      courtesy of Jonns Datz

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