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Big news! There are big changes comming for the Chester Classic Series for 2017. Besides the regular fleet, others are invited to participate. The Nonsuch and Hereshoff 12 1/2s have expressed interest in having a start and others are invited to request a start. The course will be designed to show off the boats!
The Classic Series
The Ondaatje Cup
And Others as described in the 2017 NOR
 will be raced for on Friday the 11th, Sat the 12th, and Sun the 13th of August, 2017

NOR is posted on the CC web page

Registration will be at the White Gate No. 28 Inn and Restaurant, 28 Pleasant Street, Chester, NS at 1200 on August 11th. A competitors' briefing will be held after registration at 1230. In the event a competitor can not attend, please notify us at the contacts listed in the NOR and we will do our best to accomodate.

The scheduled time of the warning signal for races:

        Friday Aug. 11: the scheduled time of the warning signal is 1530 hours.

        Saturday Aug 12: the scheduled time of the warning signal is 1330 hours.

        unday Aug 13: the scheduled time of the warning signal is 1330 hours.

Friday racing will be followed by Hors d’oeuvres at the Chester Yacht Club sponsored by the by the Chester Classic Fleet.

Look for further info on the web page.

CC Registration at the Chester Yacht Club Friday Aug. 11th at 12:00 Noon  Skipper's Meeting at 12:30P
If you are unable to attend the Skippers Meeting and have trouble with email call cel (865) 437 6167

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To view the CYC Course Card go to their Web Page ==>Select Sailing ==>Then Course Cards. Click below to proceed
Topher's Comments:

See results for the big boat fleet race one for Chester Classics 2017attached. As this is my first rodeo with Sailwave, let's consider these provisional as I double check that I go it all right. I believe that I did but still Sailwave is a bit arcane.

There are not yet results for the Herreshoff 12 1/2s as I need to figure out how to rate the Haven, I think it is, against the H 12.5s. I think this will be done with Portsmouth Yardstick but I need some time to work it out.

I've also sent the boat info and this data to a group in New England who has a black box rating system for classics. They're going to review and rate the fleet in their system each race and across the event so we can evaluate their system vs NSYA PHRF for Chester Classics. I'll sent this around as it comes in.

I'd like to especially recognize a few boats for coming out: Squall who is the only IOD who joined us this year, Rondo for always being there and being so supportive of this effort while it develops, and the Hereshoff crowd for coming out and hopefully starting our small classics fleet! Thank you so much for your kind support.

In the event anyone needs to contact me directly, my cell is #1.610.220.1241.
Topher's Comments:
A fluky day two with light wind at the start and where it looked like the wind was dying in heavy rain and then came back after we decided to shorten course. Maybe a couple hours in the rain was enough for some though.

We had the big Herreshoff  from the small boat fleet sail in the big boat fleet as there was not a small boat fleet with the two 12.5s bowing out. I'm not actually sure how to rate the boat under PHRF so we're working on that and I'll add her in once I figure it out. Please consider the results provisional in the meantime.

We were grateful for the Restless (IOD) crew making the mad dash to join Saturday. They started late and sailed the course but did not get a finishing time as the "exclusion zone" mark was confusing an appeared an end of the line. It's actually not part of the line as per the instructions at the competitors meeting and was set below the line. With CYC starting and finishing races in the same area at the same time, things were also confusing. We apologize for this and we want to make a special shout out to Restless for sailing on Saturday.
We had planned an end of series cocktail party and awards for Chester Classics tonight but given the weather and some crews needing to get set for a couple of days of work before Chester Race Week, we’ve decided to go back to the traditional Chester Classics Cocktail Party on Friday night of Chester Race Week.

So: Chester Classics Cocktail Party and awards will be at Debbie Winsor’s on this coming Friday evening of CRW at 6PM as usual.

Pat: can you get word to Restless please? I don’t think I have an email for them.

I’d like to especially thank the Restless crew for coming in late and sailing the course yesterday and I apologize for confusion on finishing line location.

And, of course, to all the Herreshoff boats for coming out. A learning year and I have to figure out how we can rate this small boat fleet but I’m working on it!
The new series format seems to have been accepted!

to the two: IODs Thanks for joining the CC Series. Your participation is deeply appreciated.

To the Tiny fleet: We are still trying to figure out how to rate you in this first year of your participation. From our point of view you are all number 1
But we will get some real results ASAP

The CC party is at Debby Winsor’s house on the peninsula on Friday Aug 18 2017

All Skippers, crews and interested parties  are invited.

Regards JWWJR
Three Herreshoff tiny old timers Register for the CC Series. This is really good news!!! Two IOS Register too also good news!!
Jay Hooper the Chester Classics Gold Cup and requests it be returned to him:
Good morning; please read these two emails, which should help to explain why I am withdrawing the Chester Classics Gold Cup, from this date. In consultation with my daughter and grand daughter, we have made this decision. I hope the Rick T. can return 'the cup' to me soon.
I have spoken ti I.J's and consulted with European classic groups, to help with this decision.
I ask each of you to look at the Racing Rules of sailing, fundamental Rules, Part 1;
item2, Fair Sailing.
There is no doubt that Carbon Fibre is much lighter and stronger than other mast options. This could in fact help the old girls from so much weight aloft, putting less strain on the hulls, a good thing.
I will not go 'on and on'; many will understand.
Respectfully submitted,

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