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01/04/2018 This is a copy of the News Release which will be posted in the CYC News Letter to be puplished

Happy New Year from the Chester Classics Fleet!

See below how we are expanding Chester Classics Weekend and welcoming new participants in 2018!

First for a bit of classics context… The Chester Classic Fleet started as a home for and to encourage the preservation of local and Universal Rule and other Classic yachts in Chester. While we continue that part of our mission, we have tested a concept to expand Chester Classics Weekend (set for the weekend before CRW on August 10-12, 2018) in 2017 and look forward to continuing to expand this welcoming, family friendly, and fun format in 2018 - read on below to see what’s planned!

Chester Classics Weekend is now open to a broader group of boats with easy, Corinthian, family friendly, fun racing!

Our definition of classic for Chester Classics Weekend is now expanded (similar to that commonly used for classic cars) to include any boat designed over 25 years ago (pre: 1992). We will welcome handicap groups, smaller classics, and 25 years and older one design groups. The event is meant to be low key, fun, friendly, and inclusive especially to young and multi-generational crews.

Starting lines are inside the harbor for spectators, long, and with a land based fixed end RC. For this year we hope to use Debbie Winsor’s flag pole as one end and a large inflatable mid harbor and re-introduce guns for a “classic" feel. Small boats, like small classic day sailors, will sail “inside” courses and larger boats a combination of inside and outside legs from a modified CYC course card list. All boats will finish inside for a view for the spectators.

We are working on a charitable approach for this regatta as we think that this low key format to encourage a broader participation would make a wonderful basis for a Chester based charitable regatta similar to Leukemia Cups and other “cause oriented” events.

The entire goal of the event is to promote fun and easy racing and sailing and to celebrate the beauty of sail on a Classic Chester Weekend event! If you’d like more info on sailing or volunteering, please don’t hesitate to email.

All of the results from 2017 are posted on the Chester Classics website: However, we’d like to call out a few things here:

We’d like to thank Jay Hooper for years of support as PRO for Classics Weekend. Jay retired as PRO for Classics Weekend last year and we were also delighted that he was able to re-patriate his family heirloom miniature Gold Cup to Bermuda. The fleet will replace this overall series cup and transfer past winners to the new cup this year. Our 2017 overall high point winner for our Classics fleet was John Wurts and the crew on Virginia!

We’ve introduced a new overall cup for the IOD with the best combined score among IODs sailing in Classics Weekend and CRW. We’re calling this the R Cup in honor of Rick Thompson’s support of IODs in Chester Classics. In 2017, we were excited to have the support of two IODs sailing in the new test format for Classics Weekend: Squall, sailed by the Wickwire team, and Ted Murphy’s Restless fresh out of the shed. Squall and the Wickwire team are the IOD high point winners for Classics Weekend and CRW and will be engraved as the first winner of the R Cup!

We had three small boats sail in the test of the new all inside small boat course format for Classic’s Weekend. We hope to generate more interest from small day sailors for this year’s Classics Weekend! We’d like to specially recognize and thank the three boats that got it started in 2017 as we worked through teething troubles (for this year we’re working on how to properly rate these smaller boats). So a special shout out and thank you to:

Bonnie Lassie, William Pool’s Pisces (CW Paine adaptation of Herreshoff Fish)
Lookout, Mary and Todd Granzo's Herreshoff 12 1/2 #436
Frolic, Ann and Tony Merk's Herreshoff 12 1/2 #62:

We hope that folks will find our new more inclusive format for Chester Classics Weekend fun, accessible, and exciting and that you’ll help us to build this event into a family and youth friendly and Corinthian celebration of sail!

John and Topher Wurts

06/17/2018 by JWWJR
I have assigned a PHRF rating to your boats. This rating is only my best effort to rate your boats. You can apply to the CYC rator to get a CYC rating.
I think the IYC has a rater too  You can elect a Tiny Fleet representative to do this if you so desire. This act will start an official rating for your boat.

Remember you have to have insurance to race.

I have given Chester Classics a cup for the winner of Tiny Fleet racing It’s a perpetual cup The winner’s name will appear on the wooden base of the cup

Here's a picture    Tiny Cup

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