Deeds of Gift

The "Sir Christopher Ondaatje Chester Classics Cup"

Deed of Gift

I, Christopher Ondaatje, deed this trophy to the Chester Classic Fleet (CCF) and to the Chester Yacht Club (CYC).  Although I believe the two institutions are in general accord with respect to the administration of the cup, disagreements between them will be resolved by CCF.
Classic CupThe cup, to be named the "Sir Christopher Ondaatje Chester Classics Cup,” is an embossed silver bowl standing on two silver bands upon which are inscribed the name of the cup and its winners.

To promote friendly competition among classic yachts.

The regatta is open to all boats defined as “Classic” per ISAF as follows:
A Classic Boat is a yacht launched before December 31st 1963 or a replica of a Classic      Boat that, independent of her launch date, was built in conformity with the design of a Classic Boat launched before December 31st 1963, or as otherwise defined by CCF.

Racing will be held in Mahone Bay or as otherwise prescribed by CCF.

The cup is to be raced for annually, in a series of three races, scheduled CCF in collaboration with CYC.  If CYC chooses not to schedule racing for the cup, CCF will assume responsibility.

Rules, regulations and custody of the cup will be the responsibility of CCF or its assigns.

Racing will be conducted under the terms of a Notification of Race (NOR) to be promulgated by CCF. 

If racing is discontinued, the cup will revert to Sir Chistopher Ondaatje or his descendants.

Deed of Gift

Chester Classics Gold Cup

  I Jay Cameron Hooper deed this trophy to the Chester Classics Assoc.; an exact replica of the King Edward VII Gold Cup. To be raced for on     an annual basis, combining The Classics weekend regatta, and Chester Classics division of Chester Race Week.
     The Original is on show at the R.B.Y.C. in Bermuda, and is, the oldest Match Racing Trophy in the world.
     King Edward VII awarded this trophy in 1907 for an international race at the Jamestown exposition, in commemoration of the first English settlers in America. To be raced in class "Q" yachts. (.Jay notes: This is on the actual trophy.) [How very interesting JWWJR]
     At some stage I guess Bermuda won it and still have it.
     When this trophy ceases to be raced for in Classic Yachts, it will refer back to my youngest grand daughter, Megan Jayne Willis.
     This is all done in memory of my late son-in-law Jonathan Willis.
     Good luck, happy sailing to all winners and losers, enjoy, remember the great times.

     Best Wishes from Jay and family.

     PS. The insurance, keepers, and winner names on the Trophy to be the responsibility of the Chester Classics Assoc.

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